Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bayar RM30.00. Kaum China Sanggup Hadir ke Majlis Jamuan Makng

DAP held a successful dinner in KT last night.. The restaurant which can cater
for about 6O tables were packed. More than 6OO local chinese attended the dinner
and they paid for it. Yes, unlike Bn who give voters free dinner during by
election, all those in our dinner paid rm3O for the food. In addition of that,
they donated more than rm6k to help us fund the campaign during our floor
donation drive. It was a very encouraging sign. The crowd were very responsive
and supportive. They clapped and cheered everytime the speaker made a strong
point whacking Umno. Kit siang was the main speaker and many of us spoke too
including myself. Raja petra also delivered a fiery speech asking the chinese to
drown umno into the south china sea just next to the restaurant. Our candidate
came and spoke and from the crowd response, he seems to be quite well received
by the local chinese. I'm staying back another night to speak in 2 occasions on
behalf of the party tonight together with DS Anwar.

Malu betul aku sebagai orang Melayu mendengar cerita YB Loke Pengerusi DAP N.Sembilan berkempen untuk PAS. Lebih memalukan orang Cina di Terengganu hadir majlis makan malam bayar RM 30 seorang bukannya makan percuma seperti yang selalu UMNO/BN adakan. Dah bayar RM 30 , derma pula lagi RM 6000 untuk tabung pilihanraya.

Malu, malu, malu sungguh. Malu pada yang Maha Esa.